Where is the Android app?

Railboard is only available on iPhone and iPad right now, but launching an Android version in the future is very important to us.

Why is Railboard iPhone only at the moment?

Railboard was released on iOS first, instead of Android, only because I myself was an iOS developer (this is Jon writing, by the way, founder of Railboard), so that's what I could make, and you've got to start somewhere!

While that was an unavoidable decision, it’s still regretful that it creates a lot of disappointment when people with an Android phone who are keen to give Railboard a go can’t.

Additionally, it halves the number of Railboard’s potential customers and significantly hampers our marketing activities. So, making the Android version is also very commercially important!

When will the Android version be released?

As soon as we have the resources to start making the Android app, we’ll start work on it. What that means in practice is that Railboard needs to be selling enough train tickets through the iPhone app to fund the Android app’s development.

We can’t say when that will be the case, but the good news is that ticket sales are picking up, and as they do, the Android version gets closer and closer.

What can I do to speed that process up?

The two things that will speed up the availability of Railboard on Google Play are more people using the Railboard iPhone app and more people buying their train tickets through it.

So, where possible, if you encourage your friends with iPhones to download Railboard and give it a go, that will help draw the Android version ever nearer!

Updated on 17 September 2023
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