The available job openings at Railboard and our ticketing partners.

Jobs at Railboard

The are currently no job openings at Railboard itself.

Jobs at our ticketing partners

Our ticketing partner Raileasy, who operate the TrainSplit brand and power Railboard’s ticketing systems, have the following open vacancies:

Backend Software Engineer

Raileasy is currently looking for a backend software engineer to work on their industry-leading API and associated services. They’re looking for someone UK-based who will be able to work on their .NET-based services, which are written in C#. They have a variety of smaller services written in Golang, too.

Backend Software Engineer job specification

Android Developer

Raileasy is looking for an experienced Android developer to work with them on enhancing their TrainSplit mobile application by introducing innovative features and improving the user experience when booking UK rail tickets. The TrainSplit app is written mostly in Kotlin and communicates with Raileasy’s RESTful JSON API using OkHttp.

Android Developer job specification

For details on how to apply for these roles, please visit the TrainSplit careers page.

Future job openings

As soon as there’s an opening at Railboard, we’ll update this page and tweet about it.