Who makes Railboard?

The team of people who make Railboard special.

Jon Cox

Founder and iOS Developer

During my career as an iOS Developer I’ve worked at 5 digital creative agencies, for a total of 8 end clients, and at 2 startups. Since 2017 I’ve alternated between iOS contracting and working full-time on Railboard.

Gusnendar Cahyadi


Gusnendar has been doing freelance design work for Railboard since the very beginning in 2017. It was his brilliant design that set Railboard apart from the other train times apps when it launched in 2018. For more of Gusnendar’s designs, check out his portfolio.

Raileasy + TrainSplit

Ticketing Partners

Raileasy has been selling train tickets for over 15 years and is an industry leader in split ticketing, having first introduced it nearly 8 years ago through their subsidiary TrainSplit. Railboard has partnered with Raileasy and TrainSplit, who are using their extensive ticket retailing expertise to run the ticketing backend and the Customer Support team.


Idea Creators

Railboard has been very lucky to have such great customers. Many of the features in the app are a direct result of feature requests; including the Routes tab, the Pinned tab, the Add to Calendar button, the Share Screenshot button, and literally every option in the Settings menu.

Bug Finders

One of the reasons the app is so reliable is because Railboard’s customers are great at finding bugs and issues, and take the time to report them.


Because Railboard’s customers share the app with other people, Railboard has been able to grow and improve from where it started — and will continue doing so long into the future. Thank you!

Updated on 17 September 2023
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