What are etickets?

For journeys and ticket types that support them, you can buy etickets instead of paper tickets. They are available immediately, can be accessed offline, added to your Apple Wallet, and also printed out.

How do I use etickets?

When you get to the ticket barrier, you scan the eticket barcode, either directly from your phone or from a printout of the eticket. That’s it!

How do I open etickets?

You can open them either in the app or from the eticket email you receive after booking them.

In the app

You can open the Apple Wallet version of your eticket with a little button on the ‘My tickets’ tab list. And from the ‘Ticket details’ screen, you open both the Apple Wallet and PDF versions of your eticket.

Screenshots showing where the buttons are to open etickets in the app.
The in-app eticket buttons.

From your email

The eticket email has the PDF version of your eticket attached and also a button to open the Apple Wallet version.

Screenshot showing how to open etickets from the eticket email.
Where to tap in the email to open etickets.

How do I add etickets to my Apple Wallet?

Tapping the “Add” button in the top right of Apple Wallet etickets adds them to your Apple Wallet.

Screenshot showing the location of the Apple Wallet “Add” button.
Location of the Apple Wallet “Add” button.

What’s the difference between Apple Wallet etickets and PDF etickets?

Apple Wallet etickets and PDF etickets both have exactly the same barcode on them, which is the only thing you need to scan the ticket. The main differences are that Apple Wallet etickets can be added to your Apple Wallet, and PDF etickets are easier to share and print out.

Having them in your Apple Wallet can be more convenient, as at the time of your journey, they will pop up on your screen, so you can access them more easily when you get to the barrier.

Screenshots of an Apple Wallet eticket and a PDF eticket.
An Apple Wallet eticket vs a PDF eticket.

How do I print out an eticket?

On a PDF eticket within the app, tapping the share button in the top right will give you options for sharing or printing the PDF document.

You can also open the PDF eticket document attached to the eticket email on your computer, and print it out from there.

Screenshot showing where to find the share button on a PDF eticket.
Where to find the share button on a PDF eticket.

What are the disadvantages?

The only real danger with etickets is that you can be a bit scuppered if your phone runs out of power. You can mitigate this risk in three main ways:

  1. Having a portable power bank. This is something lots of people have anyway, as having your phone run out of batteries while travelling causes all sorts of problems.
  2. You can always print out your eticket. Paper never runs out of batteries!
  3. If you’re travelling with other people, you can send them a screenshot of your eticket as a backup - remember, all you need is the barcode.

Is there anything else to keep in mind?

Yes, you need to be able to show your eticket at any point on your journey to a ticket inspector. So be mindful to keep a little bit of charge in your phone for the full duration of your journey.

Updated on 4 November 2023
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