Where can Railboard be found on social media?

We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We post big product announcements and top tips on all four platforms, but the content varies slightly between them.

If there are any other social media platforms you’d like us to be on, or if there is anything you’d like us to post about, please do let us know! You can message us through these platforms or drop us an email at hello@railboard.com.



Twitter is still our go-to platform for service messages, such as planned maintenance. Plus, anything and everything else we have to post, albeit capped at 280 characters a tweet.



For Facebook, we focus mostly on tips for using Railboard and try to get some customer feedback along the way.



On our LinkedIn page, you’ll find a bit more industry news and some behind-the-scenes posts on the making of Railboard.



Our posts on Instagram are, as you’d expect, more centred around screenshots, images, and a few photos.

Updated on 26 April 2023
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