What’s the best way to leave a review for Railboard?

Reviews are a great way to help new people find out about Railboard, so we’re very grateful to Railboarders who take the time to write them.

There are three main places you can write a review about your experience. Which one you choose is up to you!


Railboard’s Trustpilot page is open for anyone to leave a review about their experience with the app. Reviews on Trustpilot help people understand more about the app before they visit the App Store.


If you’re enjoying Railboard (or even if you’re not), you can tweet out your thoughts about it. We’re sure your followers will appreciate the tip, and we put nice tweets up on the homepage.

The App Store

You can always leave a review on the App Store, either just a star rating or you can write out your thoughts too. App Store reviews help Railboard bubble up the rankings so more people can find it.

And if you have private feedback for us, you can email us at hello@railboard.com.

Updated on 13 January 2023
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