What Routes settings are available?

The following settings are available for the Routes tab:

Screenshot of the setting options available for the Routes tab.

Show reverse buttons

When turned on, a reverse button is shown in each reversible route. When tapped, the reverse button opens the reverse of the original route.

This option is on by default.

Screenshots showing the difference between routes showing the reverse buttons and notes not showing the reverse buttons.
What it looks like with and without the reverse buttons.

Use station codes

When turned on, station codes will be used instead of full names (e.g. LDS instead of Leeds) in the route titles.

This option is on by default.

Screenshots showing the differences between routes using the station codes and routes using the full names.
The difference between using station codes and the full names.

Secret bonus feature

You can reorder saved routes by pressing & holding them, then dragging them to where you want.

Updated on 3 August 2023
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