How far ahead can the ‘Live trains’ tab find trains?

Using the ‘Later trains’ button at the bottom of the Live trains tab results, it’s possible to find trains up to around 24 hours into the future. And using the ‘Earlier trains’ button, which appears if you drag down from the top, you’ll be able to find results going back around 20 hours or so.

Screenshot showing the earlier and later buttons in the Live trains tab results.
Where to find the ‘Earlier trains’ and ‘Later trains’ buttons.

When Railboard searches for earlier/later trains, it searches 12 hours backwards/forwards from the earliest/latest train currently in the results. If no trains are found, you’ll be presented with a message to let you know.

Screenshots showing the messages that are displayed when there are no earlier or later Live trains tab results.
The message you’ll see when there are no more earlier or later trains.
Updated on 14 December 2022
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