What is the history of Railboard?

Here’s a timeline of important events throughout the story of Railboard.

January 2017

The first line of code is written.

I (Jon Cox writing here, hi 👋) got the initial idea for a simpler train times app while commuting in 2015; coming up with the name Railboard while looking up at an information board at Waterloo East station in November 2015.

April 2017

Acquired the railboard.com domain name.

June 2017

RAILBOARD and the Railboard logo are both registered as trademarks.

August 2017

Launched a 99designs contest for the initial design of Railboard, finding the superb designer Gusnendar in the process.

May 2018

The first version of the Railboard was launched on the App Store on 2 May 2018, with what has now become the ‘Live trains’ tab.

June 2018

Version 2.0 was released, adding the Saved tab - which has since been renamed Routes.

August 2018

The Planner tab was added in version 3.0, for multi-part journey planning.

January 2019

First started talking to potential partners about selling train tickets through the app.

August 2020

The Pinned tab made its first appearance with version 4.0.

December 2022

Tickets finally arrived! Version 5.0 added the ability to buy train tickets on the Planner tab and added the new ‘My tickets’ tab.

Updated on 14 December 2022
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