Apple Wallet etickets vs PDF etickets

Apple Wallet etickets and PDF etickets both have the same matrix barcode (which is an Aztec Code, if you’re interested). Apple Wallet etickets can be added to your Apple Wallet, so you can access them without opening Railboard. PDF etickets are easier to share and print.

You can use either at the ticket barriers; they both have the same matrix barcode.

Screenshots showing an Apple Wallet eticket and a PDF eticket.
Apple Wallet etickets and PDF etickets both use the same matrix barcode.

Sharing or printing a PDF eticket

As well as receiving an email with your PDF etickets attached, you can access them in the app from the ‘Ticket details’ screen.

You can use the button in the top right to share them with yourself or others, to get them onto different devices or to print them.

Screenshots show how to access and share PDF etickets.
Where to find the option to share your PDF etickets.
Updated on 7 July 2023
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