How can I add a journey to my Calendar?

With the Planner, there are three ways journeys and journey parts can be added to your calendar. Two of them from searches and one from the ‘Ticket details’ screen.

Note that it is only with the Planner that you can add journeys to your Calendar; the Live trains tab does not have this feature.

Screenshots showing the Add to Calendar buttons at the bottom of journeys and train details.

At the bottom of the Journey and the ‘Ticket details’ screens, there is an ‘Add to Calendar’ button.

Screenshots showing how to tap on the info box at the top to bring up another Add to Calendar button.

You can also tap on the info box at the top of those screens to bring up a menu with an ‘Add to Calendar’ button.

Screenshot highlighting the Add to Calendar button on the Ticket details screen.

And when you’ve purchased a ticket, you can go into the ‘Ticket details’ screen and add the journey to the Calendar from there.

To choose which of your calendars journeys are added to, or if you want to turn off emojis in the calendar event titles, open the Planner settings options.

Updated on 14 December 2022
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