Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions not listed here, please get in touch.

Where does Railboard get its data from?​

Railboard is powered by National Rail Enquiries, the official source of all UK rail information.

What's the difference between "Live trains" and the "Planner"?​

The "Live trains" tab shows up-to-date and full information for direct trains departing or arriving soon. While the "Planner" tab can plan multi-part journeys up to 12 weeks into the future.

There are separate tabs for each because behind the scenes there are two information sources, specialised for each data type.

Where's the Android app?

We'd love to make an Android version of Railboard! However right now we're constrained by minimal resources, so we've focused them on initially targeting just one of the two mobile platforms.

Releasing a Railboard Android app is a high priority for the future though.

How does Railboard make money?​

It doesn't yet. We are currently working to partner with a National Rail accredited retailer to sell train tickets, making money through commission.